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                Corporate Culture
                Corporate Culture

                Corporate Culture

                ORIENTAL GLOBAL LOGISTICS Co., Ltd who keeps improving their business skills, enhancing the spirit of teamwork, and striving to the sustainable development of enterprises, plays a role in economic construction, became a modern international logistics service provider with competitive advantage.

                Business philosophy: be honest, professional, efficient and pragmatic

                Work guidelines: be efficient, safe, accurate and standard
                Enterprise spirit: be honest, realistic, diligent and innovative
                Staff philosophy: be loyal, dedicated, solidary and cooperative
                Core values: be professional, perfect and connected with global trade
                Employing concept: be people-oriented and encourage enterprising

                ADD:Room 1109,Building 2,MIC PLAZA DONGTING Road,Hexi District,Tianjin,China
                TEL:86-22-5819-6060 FAX:86-22-5819-6068   Network support:www.nfree.cn